So you probably heard about the wild Google vs. Facebook fight going on about data portability. I'm sure you also heard about the huge amount of money Google's spending to have its employees turn down Facebook's job offers.

Tech Beat Up: when Silicon Valley geeks get in the ring...

Now, did you ever wonder what it’d look like if you actually put Mark Zuckerberg and Eric Schmidt on a boxing ring? If your answer is yes, then you might want to take a look at the Tech Beat Up boxing tournament for geeks that was hosted by White Collar Brawler last week, in San Francisco.

White Collar Brawler is a really cool docu-web series about two friends who decide to quit their boring office life and become amateur boxers. The series follows Kay “the Introspect” and Nate “the Hotshot” through their new life: trainings, diets and tournaments. The WCB guys became really popular thanks to their “Don’t Stop Believing” video in which they celebrate the San Francisco Giants.  The Giants fans liked it so much that it became the unofficial Giants 2010 Anthem.

So far, they were fun. But their Tech Beat Up event took it to a whole new level. White Collar Brawler decided it was time for Silicon Valley geeks to show they have other skills besides coding. They can also get in an inflatable boxing ring and fight with inflatable gloves! Tech geniuses from the biggest Silicon Valley companies participated in the tournament: Apple, Zynga, IBM, Google, Salesforce, Yelp...

All the money from the event was donated to non profit Zerodevide that leverages technology to help undeserved communities.

By Alice Gillet
English editorial manager