On September 8th, I discerned that you can buy Spanish wine via touch-screen installed in some taxis in Shanghai. A sort of new shopping touch-point, but for wine category, will it really work? Because a bottle of western wine is not somewhat impulsive purchase for Chinese consumers, at least in my opinion.

Touchscreen in taxi to shop for Spanish wine, will you?

This touchscreen services are powered by an in-taxi media network company called “Touchmedia”. Basically there is a touch-sensitive, color LCD, interactive screen installed in the back of the taxicab headrest, which often broadcasts a mix of television commercials and soft promotional material. Of course Touchmedia claimed now they can implement more functions, such as location based advertising, real-time e-coupon download, integrating with other promotional tools such as Apps.

So this time Everwines.com, a subsidiary set up by TorresChina (A Spanish wine trading company), utilized such touch point to allow taxi passengers to purchase wine, with special discount applied, of course. Simply let your smart phone scan the product on the touchsreen, while use your Alipay app (the biggest online third party payment system in China) to finish the mobile payment transaction.

Again, I am not certain wine shopping decision can be quickly done in a taxi journey. I would say my personal impulsive purchase in a taxi might involve a hot drink, new mascara, a box of food, a special coupon etc, but for wine, I would like to have a second thought. In addition, Everwine’s such advertisement/promotional investment should not come cheaply. I just checked the quotations of Touchmedia: at regular rate, an interactive TV commercial costs RMB149,000/1000 taxis/half month.




By Cécilia Wu
English & Chinese Editorial Manager