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The daunting math of climate change means we'll need carbon capture

Engadget 20 April 2018 See article

Apple unveils its newest recycling robot ahead of Earth Day

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The shipping industry sets sail toward a carbon-free future


OhmConnect rewards users for reducing their carbon footprint

  • 10 Apr
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California's hunt for cleaner air smells like opportunity for GreenTech startups


Net neutrality, data privacy... What's next Mark?

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Turning Poultry Poop and Scrap Wood Into Electricity

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Autonomous electric taxis are the answers, according to Berkeley researchers

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Pavegen Is On A £5m Mission To Supercharge Sidewalks

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Renault Helps a Portuguese Isle Ditch Fossil Fuels With Vehicle-to-Grid Technology


Robots and drones the future guardians of our planet?

  • 20 Mar
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Digital Trends 19 March 2018 See article

Elon Musk’s Tesla company last year built the world’s most powerful battery, but a new project means it could soon be out of the record books.

The Next Web 18 July 2019 See article

This startup wants to fight the crypto energy crisis by turning waste into electricity

Atelier BNP Paribas Americas atelier_us March 15, 2018

The market for #Energy storage technology is forecast to double thanks to falling prices and favorable policies v/@forbes #GreenTech #CleanTech #EVs