California-based startup 1World carries out marketing surveys for clients based on the concept of ‘social polling’, which appears to be less costly and more dynamic than more traditional market studies.

1World Online: ‘social polling’ as a market research tool

Interview with 1World co-founder and Chief Product Officer Damien Leostic on the sidelines of the Tech Crunch Disrupt conference, which took place in San Francisco on 9, 10 and 11 September.

Damien Leostic has more than 15 years’ experience of working in Marketing and Product Management for US-based tech giants. “There was a constant need to obtain an ever-closer understanding of the customer and the coming trends, so as to be able to, for example, tweak the features of a product, bring costs down, etc,” he told l’Atelier. However, traditional-style market research studies require a lot of effort and can sometimes take several months to complete, while what client companies increasingly need is fast, efficient feedback. This realization is what prompted Damien Leostic and his co-founder Alex Fedosseev to set up 1World, a market research firm whose methodology is centered on ‘social polling’.   

Social polling

1World is set up as a social platform on which visitors are invited to respond to questions on topical subjects or major trends posted either by other users or the 1World team. Anyone who wishes to get an insight into public opinion on a particular topic can ask a question, and users can likewise respond to the single-question surveys and join in the debate. The startup also uses the site to conduct consumer market research polls in near real time on behalf of clients. Damien Leostic explains that this service can be used by company marketing people wishing to get a feel for how the company’s brand perception is evolving or as a basis for specific, informed decisions on product design or the best marketing approach to take.

Consumer surveys to fit brand requirements

1World works with a client to draw up a series of opinion survey questions, which will be posted on the platform, on other social networks and also put directly to existing brand customers. 1World then aggregates and analyzes the data gathered from these various sources and provides the client with a report indicating public opinion at a given moment or trending over time. To boost user engagement, brands may also offer survey participants rewards in the form of products or other goodies. Damien Leostic claims that this ‘social polling’ approach is better suited to the needs of brands today than legacy opinion survey firms’ methodologies, as it is fast and current, also enabling savings in both time and money.

By Alice Gillet
English editorial manager