GroupHigh offers brands a simple and smart way to identify relevant blogs, contact bloggers and keep manage their blogger relationships.

[Ad:Tech SF] GroupHigh facilitates blogger outreach with dedicated software

While marketers dedicated only a small part of their social media spending (6 percent) to influencer outreach, blogs still represent one of the most trusted sources of information for consumers, not just for product review or brand awareness, but also for actual purchases: blogs are the 3rd most influential source of information for customers who want to make a purchase. Despite this, marketers still have somewhat archaic methods when it comes to blogger outreach. “Most of them just use an Excel” Bill Brennan tells us when we interview him at Ad:Tech SF. Brennan is the co-founder of GroupHigh, a Boulder, Colorado-based startup that streamlines blogger outreach for brands and agencies. 

Scouting the blogosphere

“There are some data bases of bloggers out there” Brennan explains “But none of them scale and stay up to date like we do.” According to him, there are a lot of dead blogs online, but it is complicated to keep track of them. GroupHigh, on the other hand, focuses on exhaustivity and real-time updates. Its web crawler indexes 9 million blogs daily, in several languages, and GroupHigh ends up adding 20,000 new blogs to its platform each day. GroupHigh also identifies blogs’ social metrics to evaluate their digital footprint (number of Twitter followers, Facebook Fans, followers on Instragram, YouTube...), and provides SEO, traffic and contact information for each blog. 
Selecting relevant bloggers
Brands and agencies can use GroupHigh's search engine to identify the most relevant blogs and influencers for a specific campaign, event or product launch for instance. Qualitative and quantitative data lets users refine their search with a number of filters: topics, content, location, language, ad types, etc. An American retail brand attending the Paris Fashion Week can for instance search popular French fashion blogs with over 4 million monthly views, and that offer display advertising as well as sponsored blog posts. According to Brennan, this software lets marketers not only save time, but also keep track of what bloggers say about their brands, and build informed, effective influence marketing strategies. 
By Alice Gillet
English editorial manager