The Advertory marketing tool creates an individual website for each of a retail chain's outlets, filtering content automatically so that it’s tailored to each shop.

Advertory has developed software which creates a tailored website for each of a retail brand’s sales outlets, which enables brands with many stores to carry out specific local marketing for each one. The software starts by creating a website structure which can then be adapted, if the company so wishes, according to the design and image it wants to convey. As soon as this is completed, the software starts to search for material on the client company posted on the Internet, whether on the official company site itself, on the social networks or in discussion forums. At this point the filter starts working, identifying the individual outlet referred to in the comments, remarks or information, based on key words.

Consumers looking for local information to make purchases

Finally, the various types of content material – user comments, promotions, geolocation information, etc – are published on the website of that individual outlet only. Anne-Aymone Ferreira, the founder of Advertory told L'Atelier in an interview that finding a local angle is an essential approach for major retail groups. It’s a fact that "20% of Google searches are for something local, and this figure rises to 40% for searches made by mobile device," she points out, adding: "Moreover, 96% of all purchases are still made in stores. This indicates that these local searches are being made by consumers who are trying to find a physical sales outlet where they can buy the products they’re looking for."

At local level, a high profile matters more than high marketing quality

So we see that a local approach is all about using locally-relevant content material and information - and also enjoying a high profile on the search results pages – so as to direct the user’s buying intentions towards a retail outlet. "At local level, the strategy should be based on tightly focused, not widely diffused, communication.  The important thing is to be there at the right moment and in the right place," underlines Ms Ferreira. The Advertory solution can also be adapted to very small retail businesses with only one or two outlets. In such cases, the information is generally more uniform, which obviously makes tailoring the website far less of an issue.