Moms with mobile devices are a highly optimized population in the digital economy. These valuable mobile consumers are “addicted” to their devices – they spend over 6 hours a day on their smartphone.

American mothers are smartphone addicts and power users!

The mobile Web and social media are proving to be a valuable resource for mothers - moms in the United States are increasingly turning to this quick and convenient way to access information and their social resources. In turn, they are establishing themselves as a valuable part of the mobile economy, as mobile ad network Mojiva determined in their “Moms on Mobile” report. Brands and marketers would do well to strategize for connected mothers - this population represents $2.4 trillion in 2011 buying power. Because they are often active on social media (over half access social networks through their mobile device) they are likely to support or promote favorite brands or products - 35 percent follow a company or brand and 81 percent are a fan of a brand.

Moms like smartphones best than any other media

Smartphone-wielding mothers are active and engaged participants in mobile usage – they spend an average of 6.1 hours on their device per day. These moms know they are power users – 51 percent describe themselves as “addicted” to their smartphone. Usage patterns show an optimal marketing environment – smartphones receive more attention than other media (above computer, TV, newspapers, etc.) and nearly half have taken action after seeing a mobile ad. According to the report, the best way to engage moms is to create ways to make their lives “more efficient and productive.” Because of their high social media usage, “[they] should also strive to create products they believe a mom will share with other moms in her peer groups and circles.”

And are engaged tablet users for shopping

While these moms love their smartphones, they often have other connected devices. One third have some sort of secondary mobile device – the top three devices being the iPad (9.8 percent), Kindle (9.5 percent) and iPod Touch (5.7 percent). High engagement remains consistent among this group, and they are valuable electronics consumers as well. Among 1,500 tablet-owning mothers, 97 percent have used that device to make a purchase, and 47 percent plan on replacing their current iPad with the newest model as soon as possible. Connected moms are hence very valuable targets for brands as well as connected device manufacturers. 

By Ivory King