Due to Facebook’s larger population and longer engagement times, B2B marketers must include it with LinkedIn in their social network strategy. Many such companies have acquired customers from the non-professional network successfully.

B2B Marketing on Facebook Just as Important as on LinkedIn


LinkedIn seems like the optimal place for B2B marketing - industry networking is the top activity on the professionally-oriented social network. Top level executives use LinkedIn primarily for industry networking and promoting their businesses. Meanwhile on Facebook, activities are more diverse and distributed. Daily, Facebook users update their status, comment on other users’ posts, Like content, or send a private message. This makes for much longer engagement - users spend about 326 million minutes per month on LinkedIn, and 53.5 billion minutes monthly on Facebook. Data collected from Unbounce and BOP Design structures the importance of a broader social network strategy for such businesses.

More users and more time spent on the site means B2Bs must be on Facebook

Due to sheer numbers more business thinking is happening while logged into Facebook than on LinkedIn, since more members spend more time per person logged in to the former than the latter. Executives and business owners do not shut off all business-related thinking when they log off of LinkedIn, and then log into the other network. The demographics show the potential benefit of a Facebook presence - business decision makers are typically older, and there are more older users on Facebook than on LinkedIn - only 22.5 million US LinkedIn users above the age of 35, and 51 million US Facebook users aged 35 to 64.

Marketers must not underestimate Facebook for B2B companies

Despite the business orientation of LinkedIn, B2B companies still need a Facebook marketing strategy. 41 percent of B2B companies that use Facebook for marketing have acquired a new customer through the network. For any type of company, a consistent and dynamic social media presence is important - 93 percent of business buyers believe all companies should have one, and 85 percent think companies should interact and engage with social media. Marketers should know that the mindset of the target does not preclude effective advertising - B2B companies run ads during sporting events, for instance. Visibility is key to gaining new business. Facebook can be seen as the new Super Bowl - “it’s where the people are.”

By Ivory King