At least one industry can expect only a couple more years of sluggish growth, projects AMR International's "Online B2B Marketing in the United States: Assessment and Forecast to 2013," released February. While growth in the catego

ry is forecast at eight percent for this year, it is expected to reach fourteen percent by 2012.

Online marketing will be growing, but some sections will do better than others. Business-to-business "advertising spend on social media and lead generation sites is forecast to grow at an annualized rate" of 21 percent and seventeen percent respectively to 2013.

The marketing mixture of targets for B2B showed an improvement for online since 2008, which only accounted for seven percent that year. In 2013, this is set to reach twelve percent.

While more allocation of strategy and budget are being shifted to different types of online tools, marketers do not plan to marginalize traditional marketing activities. In fact, two-thirds of mentioned marketers believe online must be complemented with just such activities.

In addition, B2B online and offline marketing budget was analyzed by objective. As shown in eMarketer's additional coverage of the report, in the Fall of 2009, building awareness was the highest priority for combined online and offline budget at 38 percent, with 28% for online only.

Lead generation is the higher online priority, and garnered the highest percentage of online marketing budget, at 38 percent. It received 34 percent of the combined budget.

The lowest combined budget was for customer retention at 28 percent, but a middle-performer for online marketing at 34 percent.

In the same time period, 68 percent of business-to-business marketers who analyze metrics or statistics agree that paid search is effective at lead generation. Of those who are not familiar with the measurements, only 31 percent agreed, and 62 percent were neutral on the question. Between those who use metrics and those who do not, the population was split 50-50.