The increase of smartphone ownership has created much demand for mobile engagement tools. Badgeville’s platform lets any company integrate check-ins, badges and other game mechanics into their apps.

Badgeville brings mobile gamification support to companies

Inserting game mechanics has been shown to greatly influence how people interact with a service, or create completely new usage patterns. “Behavior platform” Badgeville combines gamification, social networking, reputation, and behavior analytics into a service that companies can use to optimize engagement and increase loyalty. Since Pew Research shows that nearly half of American adults own a smartphone, companies must consider the best ways to optimize experiences across multiple channels. Within mobile applications and across platforms, Badgeville seeks to give their clients behavior tools to keep engagement high on any screen. With their newly launched software development kits (SDKs) for Android and iOS, Menlo Park-based Badgeville is extending the behavior platform to smartphones and tablets.

Different business structures can benefit from gamification tools

The Badgeville SDK has been deployed by several companies with diverse usage cases. Some applications are enterprise-facing and some are consumer-facing, but all share the common goal of measuring and influencing user behavior. Deloitte Digital innovates social and mobile tech to improve the workplace, and built a geo-location service on top of the platform. The program connects with their on-the-go consultants, and gives rewards for check-ins. Review communities Apontador and Menuism added status and social rewards to encourage user contributions, as well as incentives to participate on multiple platforms.’s band discovery iPad app also utilizes the Behavior Platform’s gamification while streaming HD video.

Mobile support means game mechanics trend is going mainstream

Such widely varying usages underline the trend of gamification going mainstream - Web sites and mobile apps across industries are able to integrate aspects of the Behavior Platform easily with Badgeville’s SDK. By building this mobile gamification toolkit, Badgeville brings easy tools for companies to use depending on their needs, and therefore gives access to gamification to a wide variety of companies across many industries. Their API Library gives developers the opportunity to customize and innovate, too, opening the gate to possibly new applications of the toolkit. Innovators from eCommerce, Media & Entertainment, Health, Education, and many other categories can benefit from monitoring and employing social loyalty techniques. The rapid growth of smartphone adoption means that the ROI on integrating gamification into companies’ digital strategy, whether B2B or B2C has huge potential.

By Ivory King