Be Part of the Cause helps local businesses boost brand favorability through a simple online voucher program.

“Be Part of the Cause” facilitates cause branding for business owners


Media Services Multi Channel Marketing announced on December 1st the launch of new website “Be Part of the Cause” that offers to gather on the same platform cause driven consumers, companies and non-profits to help them connect and grow together. BPC allows business owners to do efficient cause branding and increase brand favorability and customer retention. BPC attached to their press release an interesting study from Marketing Agency Cone on Cause Branding that shows consumers actually care about brands supporting good causes. BPC is willing to answer consumers’ will to buy from socially responsible companies, while helping local businesses boost cause branding and favorability.

Users get discounts from local businesses that support good causes

Through, users can get deals from a list of BPC merchants. Once they purchased a voucher BPC, customers can go directly to the merchant's store (movie theater, restaurant...) use the voucher to make a purchase. When they use their voucher, the merchant donates a small percentage of paid the price to a cause the customer chooses from the list of participating organizations - among which American Red Cross, The Domestic Violence Project or Community Harvest. This allows customers to support causes they believe in "without spending an extra penny" from their own pocket.

Cause branding ROI compensates deals for small businesses 

The BPC voucher program is meant not to be too constraining for small businesses. Business owners get to choose what type of discounts they want to offer through the website. They can offer up to 3 discounted deals to BPC users every day of the month. On each transaction, merchants get back  77%, BPC keep 23% and gives 10% of this fee to the organization. BPC also takes care of promoting their deals and merchants. By being the intermediary between consumers and causes they want to support, business owners improve brand favorability and customer retention, BPC Executive Director Steve Cook believes, which ends up driving actual foot traffic, improving sales and get new customers in the long run.

By Jérôme Rastoldo