Multi-brand fashion E-tailer produces its own video content as well as hosts apparel line's video. The privately held company projects nearly $100 million in revenues for its tenth year in business. Karmaloop's t

arget demographic is 18-24 year olds, what Lifestyle Marketing Director Giovannah Chiu calls the "verge culture" in an eMarketer interview today. These kids have grown up using the Internet, she explains. "They tend to be tech-savvy, multidisciplinary, multicultural and embrace a lot of different influences. They tend to have more artistic, fashion-forward thinking. They’re alpha consumers. Our brands tend to have cult followings."

Most of the brands are tied to pop culture personalities, like artists, skaters musicians or celebrities. Online sales count for 95 percent of their total, bolstered by the video content that was launched in 2008. They host several video channels, offering a multiplatform site where people can shop, read blogs and watch videos.

The video content includes channels for social issues, news, events, fashion shows, and comedy. Hundreds of videos are shot with their in-house production team, and many more are brand created that feature their new season.

A new feature on the videos was implemented recently from Klickable. Because Chiu's team wants Karmaloop to be a multipurpose site, but to consistently tie in with the products, a viewer can click on an item and be linked to the purchasing system. The system is brand new, so Chiu did not have figures at the time of the interview, but she does know how many people view our videos - from 100,000 to 500,000 views per week. But with new content every day, the return interest is high, and viewers can share with friends and write comments using the embedded social media.

Karmaloop's current analytics use social media response and featured item sales spikes. The site is also pitching a full cable HD channel to cable operators.