Brands, blogs and sites can build up an audience and regular visits with this new service. PunchTab’s products reward visitors for coming to the site regularly and sharing content.


Content and relevancy are not enough to ensure that an audience continues to return and engage with new material, products and services. With PunchTab, developers, brands and blogs can leverage gamification to create social and mobile-enabled campaigns with the platform’s two free products. The loyalty program itself allows businesses or individuals to encourage users to visit every day, share branded content on social networks, and leave comments. Users earn points and can redeem them for rewards from “a customizable loyalty catalog.” The second program is a one-time promotional giveaway widget that encourages users to spread word about the site in exchange for entries in a prize raffle. Any online publisher can use Punchtab’s products to retain users and build loyalty.

A loyalty program to engage web users thanks to gamification

The loyalty program product covers four important components - Authentication through Facebook, loyalty points or Currency, Earning Mechanics that users earn currency through, and the Catalog that lists redeemable rewards. The components are free and include a default catalog provided by PunchTab and its partners. The giveaway widget product gives entries to users who Like the campaign on Facebook, become a Facebook fan, leave a comment, Tweet, share on their Facebook Wall, invite friends or distribute a unique link to the campaign. The system ends the campaign at a chosen point and lets the business choose a random winner (or more than one) and contact them by mail. Both products include basic analytics and user activity statistics. Rewards are available through default Punchtab partners or are customizable by the brand.

Robust tools for a paid product coming in the future

Taking what they learned from their previous company, YouSendIt co-founder Ranjith Kumaran and former YouSendIt employee Mehdi Ait Oufkir are building a freemium business model that can be used by little blogs, tiny businesses or larger companies to save a huge amount of time and money by creating a platform that is compatible with several social products and partnerships like Amazon. Kumaran projected in GigaOM that licensing deals and paid services like more analytics and advanced customer relationship management tools will lead PunchTab to profitability.

By Ivory King