Want to know what advertisers know about you? Install Bynamite’s Firefox and Chrome plug-in to find out. The plug-in finds information that users are already giving away to advertisers like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, information

that is scattered all over the Internet. Bynamite aggregates it so that users can understand what the internet knows about them.

“The Internet is filled with advertisers that constantly collect information about you," says the company "What they know about you can get creepy, especially when they use that knowledge to bug you about things you don't like.”

Bynamite also allows users to control what information is accessible to advertisers. It lets users see, change and delete that information, and puts all the things a user likes into one place, a “picture” that future advertisements will be based on. The service purports to let “good advertisers” tailor ads to user interests while preventing ads from “bad advertisers,” those that aren’t transparent about the information they collect.

Interestingly, Bynamite is an advertising channel, not an ad-blocker like you would expect. The ideal of the site is to provide the most relevant ads possible, fully admitting that it might one day have to be ad-supported.

Bynamite also says that it monitors every ad-platform's privacy policies, pointing out that these policies are confusing and lead users to believe that they are about consumer information that companies keep private, when in reality, they’re about the control the companies have over data.

Bynamite believes that giving users control will bring them more relevant ads.

“When you have control over how advertisers view you, you hear about things you're actually interested in - rather than bad guesses based off of that thing you bought for your mom,” according to the company’s site.

By Mark Alvarez