The Fan Page Mobilizer turns a Facebook Page into a mobile web app. This gives small businesses an easier way to enter the mobile space with their own content.

Cabana turns branded Facebook Pages into mobile web apps

Going mobile is easier said than done. Small businesses don’t always have the resources to create specific mobile content, do their own developing and submit an app the to Apple App Store and the Android App Market. The Fan Page Mobilizer wants to solve this problem by allowing anyone with a Facebook Page to easily create a mobile-optimized product. Developed by Cabana, the Fan Page Mobilizer is a Facebook application that gives Page owners a service that turns their Page into a near-app like experience for their customers or fans within the social network’s site. While smartphones can access the Facebook mobile site and the Facebook app, it is not simple to access Page content, and this product aims to make a simple bridge for the end user and brand content.

Between native apps and the mobile web

The Fan Page Mobilizer creates a Mobile Web App, which is not quite a native standalone app, nor is it just a mobile web page. The app installs on the home screen, has a custom icon, and is built with HTML5, so it offers a custom experience that the average end user will treat much like a native app. However, mobile web apps can be distributed with a URL, so do not need to go through the App Store permission process, therefore the product can be used by customers more quickly. In addition, the app can use GPS and the accelerometer, so there is a lot of functionality that Page owners can use.

Easy to use for non-developer friendly

While Cabana has produced a robust platform that Page owners can use to increase the distribution of their content, there are a few things that mobile web apps cannot do. They can’t access some handset features, such as the camera or address book, and brands will not be able to charge for content, either. But Cabana plans to create more customization tools, as ReadWriteWeb coverage indicates. This will give non-coders the opportunity to use this service, including designers and marketers, and small business as well as large companies can thus deliver mobile content without the hassle of developing an actual application.

By Ivory King