Single concentration Internet companies are becoming rarer - a spreading practice of adding more repertoire comes to check in apps and social networks.

It's not enough to be a single category startup, as trends relate today. Social network, check-in and news categories blur as some established companies diversify. For example, location and augmented reality app SCVNGR launched a group purchase-like feature that they hope will encourage users to form more lasting relationships with participating vendors. Called LevelUp, the new functionality encourages repeat business with increasing discounts for customers after multiple visits. A deal is available immediately, the "try it" deal, then on a second visit the customer unlocks the "like it" deal with an improved rate, followed by a third and better rate from the "love it" deal.

This strategy was formed in response to the popular Groupon and its panoply of clones, where the model encourages members to try new businesses, but not necessarily to ever return. After a certain number opt-in to a deal, which can range from fifty to eighty percent and upwards, they cash into the deal but most are single visit customers. Since most store revenue is from repeat business, SCVNGR aims to cultivate this more rewarding type of customer on behalf of its partners.

Similar in its crossover announcement, professional social network LinkedIn launched its news feature LinkedIn Today. Since the site differentiates itself as a business-oriented network, it is seeking to capitalize on the data it receives from its ninety million members to create meaningful professional graphs. As this effort requires both credibility and ubiquity, LinkedIn is focusing resources on products that will foster user trust, as well as presence on mobile and third party applications.

LinkedIn Today relies on the social graph to note what news is important for an industry, TechCrunch explains. Stories that are shared most often within the network are promoted on the news site, which also can be customized by "industry, company, location," etc.

Other new products that will be available include a searchable skill map and a visual depiction of a user's network in map format.

By Ivory King