Now that Chatter has been launched at today's Cloudforce 2010, a number of features were demonstrated at Salesforce's conference in San Jose, CA. Built as a business platform that makes use of the real-time, information-laden sta

tus streams of Facebook, Chatter optimizes collaboration in a variety of applications.

Chatter is built on the promise of a "Cloud 2," as Mark Benioff, Chairman and CEO of likes to call it. This Cloud 2 embraces the mobile Web, and, having learned from the weaknesses of social networking, emphasizes security, reliability and privacy. So Chatter encourages sharing data safely within the company and is fully functional on an iPad browser, giving more functionality to mobile users. Later this year, mobile will be even more integrated with native iPad, iPhone and Blackberry apps, with Android support to follow.

Customer service platform "Service Cloud" illustrates the expanded usability of Chatter. Since many customers are using Web search instead of service call centers when they have a problem, Service Cloud uses networking to solve issues more easily. A particular customer issue can be seen by anyone within the company, so that any department's area of expertise can instantly be taken advantage of. Whether it is a technical, network or billing issue, problems can be solved more quickly and easily.

As shown on the "Chatter Dating Game" at the conclusion of this morning's keynote, Chatter's true strengths are unlocked when it is utilized as a platform. Stacey Epstein, VP of Marketing at ServiceMax, demonstrated their product service workflow. Because her company provides field service for medical devices, among other products, quick response time is critical. These devices are networked, and a malfunctioning unit can send a status update to ServiceMAX's Chatter. This update is routed to a nearby field technician, who can respond immediately to the signal. In such a system, the problem can be identified and fixed before a their customer was even aware of the problem.