Speakers and performers came together at the Global Summit in San Francisco. But how can we track sustainable tech the rest of the year? Meet appropriate tech wiki Appropedia.

At the Global Summit in San Francisco this week, future-thinking individuals spoke, brainstormed and played the flute in hopes of making a difference. As our coverage mentions earlier, drastic measures to save our planet’s resources for future generations is only possible with amazing new ideas and unprecedented cooperation. But with so many organizations and countries and languages, some sort of conceptual center is needed to form a point of departure, or possibly a hub.

Hoping to fulfill that role is Appropedia.org, “the wiki for green living and development.” The site has been around since April 2006, and has become a place for “collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development through the use of sound principles and appropriate technology and the sharing of wisdom and project information.” Other wikis that strive to perform a similar role on the Internet include Sustainable Development Wikia, WinWinWiki, Wikigreen.org and many others.

The “appropriate technology wiki” is distinctive in its open approach, encouraging collaboration, and providing a library of individuals, organizations and practices that are dedicated to or were formed to create a healthier society.

Humboldt State University professor and Appropedia founder and president Lonny Grafman “seeks ways to increase knowledge of the world through exposure and synthesis,” emphasizing the importance of science, culture and language. According to his Appropedia entry, he teaches classes in Environmental Resources Engineering and Approprate Technology at HSU, as well as teaches high school students sustainable engineering design via Design Your Future, which he co-created.

While an excellent resource for sustainability professionals, the wiki has much to offer to anyone. As one writer commented on the Canadian blog Out of Green, they have “quite a great collection of interesting projects and ideas that a handy person could fairly easily build at home.”

By Ivory King