Content marketing is an effective way for brands to maintain a presence for their online audience. Curata finds content for companies in an efficient way that learns from user behavior.

The content discovery tools for consumers are many and diverse, but companies need their own way to curate content that is meaningful for their customers, fans or followers. While having a consistent stream of content is essential to keep their social network optimized and attentive to brand activity, doing it manually is extremely time-consuming and otherwise resource-intensive. Curata is a software that helps brands find content, organize it, and share to networks or sites, in order to create a solid marketing strategy based on content curation. Content curation allows brands to position themselves as thought leaders in a field, or on specific topics.

Customizable Find pulls from sources and suggests content

Find is the tool that a social media manager will rely on to uncover content from around the web. Find retrieves relevant material from “news, blogs, feeds and social media sources,” and creates a “content flow.” The user determines sources, then indicates words or phrases of interest that must be included, filtering each of them in custom source tuning dialog boxes. As Curata learns more about what type of content the user prefers, Find prioritizes and suggests other content and sources. A bookmarklet adds convenience to add pages while browsing the web.

Other Curata tools help users build context and recognize trending topics

After using Find, the Organize function helps the user create a taxonomy to group content and navigate it more easily. Organize also learns from usage, so it becomes aware of how content is grouped and responds accordingly. By scanning content regularly, Organize also identifies trending topics, and creates optimized search result landing pages. After being contextualized, content is ready to be brought into Share, which can directly publish to an HTML5 site or blog, social networks and email newsletters. Curata aims to help businesses build and monitor a content marketing practice while addressing challenges like limited budget and minimal staff.

By Ivory King