The Apple World Wide Developer Conference 2008 (WWDC08) started Monday at 10am with a keynote from Steve Jobs. If you have not heard his announcement of the new iPhone 3G for $199 (to be released on July 11th), you must be living

on a remote island (I'm wondering how you get this newsletter then).   I'm pretty sure that this will be the most reported news from WWDC. Aside from the iPhone 3G, I was impressed by the new direction taken by Apple. They now view the iPhone as a business device, and it took several steps to make it corporate-friendly.   iPhones have entered the corporate world through the "backdoor," as employees have been replacing their Blackberrys or Treos with their own iPhones. Coming in July, the second generation of iPhone OS will let you connect seamlessly to Exchange and view Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents in your emails. It even has native VPN support and push-email capability. It converts the coolest phone of all time into the ultimate mobile business device. With the SDK (Software Development Kit) it will allow companies to develop their own custom applications.   If you don't believe me, watch the keynote, and look at the demo from MIMvista (48min in the keynote), they have been using an iPhone for medical applications, and it's just mind-blowing.   I would not be surprised to see delivery drivers outfitted soon with iPhone 3G; their routes and deliveries will be pushed to them in real-time and they can be tracked using the GPS so the home base can know which truck to reroute to pick a new, urgent package.   The other aspect I did not consider was the iPhone as a game console, but again, the new OS and SDK has enabled the developers to run wild.   They are using every feature to bring a unique game experience—something like a Wii in your pocket. You can now play in the subway, on the train, and at the coffee shop while waiting for your latte.   The commercial aspect of these developments is the new AppStore, where developers can post their new iPhone software for everyone to download.   Apple is handling all the details and security to let you have a great experience, but it also provides new independent developers with instant access to the 5 million iPhones users! This is quite a marketplace that will drive the innovation because smart and talented developers can now easily produce the smartest, most useful applications and be compensated for them, giving them more incentive to develop new ones. All these developments do not seem that hard or important, but remember that the iPhone is not even one year old and this shows that Apple has listened to its customers and has focused its engineering team to deliver a serious blow to RIM and Windows Mobile. By Regis Vincent, a valued contributor   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at