LoSo offers local bar, club and restaurant owners the opportunity of giving LoSo site users their contact information and up-to-date details on what they have to offer. Users can then add their own comments on what’s going on and earn reward points by scanning a QRewards code at participating venues.

To Create Loyalty You Need a Mixture of Fun, Topicality and Collaboration

US-based LoSo has developed an application which is based on geolocation and entertainment, the idea being to link information on bars and restaurants, customer opinions and local news. The app enables users to check in where they are and share on-the-spot information with their friends. So far it’s a similar concept to FourSquare, but there is a difference: the places shown have been registered by businesses which are LoSo partners. Users can gain points by scanning QRewards codes at participating bars, clubs and restaurants, and so accumulate credits. Each check-in earns 10 points. "We’re seeing clients coming up with some amazing rewards - from free appetizers for 20 points, or even an iPad for 1000 points," explained Claire O'Keefe, LoSo Marketing Manager.

Real-time feeds on what’s going on

So this location-based app lets businesses post their promotions to attract and retain customers. An added feature is that the service enables them to give a lot of information on how customers can contact them and what’s happening at the bar, restaurant or club. It’s like a directory in that you can call a venue with just one click. Last but not least, to increase their visibility, businesses can post their latest news, upcoming events, special offers etc., through a real-time news feed used by both LoSo partners and users. Meanwhile the app’s social media aspect means that users can share information with friends on what’s going on in the area where they are - posting alerts, photos and even videos.

All you need to know via six tabs

Graphically, the application is divided into six tabs accessed from the contents list. One tab deals with venues; the second, points; the third, the latest on what’s going on; the fourth, upcoming events; a fifth posts the location of your friends; and the last tab allows you to list your favourite places. Another button enables direct access to the scanning system. Some 270,000 restaurants and bars have already signed up to LoSo in its first test market areas, Philadelphia and Boston. The app providers plan to expand to Washington D.C., Chicago and Dallas in the spring. And it’s already running in Paris, but so far this is a ‘lite’ version.