Cross-platform developing keeps coming up in the App Developer Strategies panels at Appnation. Commonly viewed as a problem for developers, fragmentation is only going to become more extreme. With the proliferation of mobile oper

ating systems and independent developers, experts give their ideas on how to navigate the mobile app market. Some new startups are even utilizing platform fragmentation as a  business - app-creation tool Vaayoo promises users a design-once multi-app deployment using their platform.

Curating features on App stores. Bruce Jones, developer evangelist at GetJar, implemented algorithms that welcome mobile Web visitors with device-specific recommendations. While focusing on top download status is unrealistic for most developers in app stores, virality is a key element that should be built into the app itself.

As for app marketing, Vijay Chattha, CEO of VSC Consulting, recommends his "Sniff Test." By determining what is successful in his favorite apps, he sketches a strategy for his own. Making sure there is innovation, international applicability, and focus testing are some of the core concerns in app design

OpenFeint provides a platform for games to use their social tools on the Apple App Store. Eros Resmini, VP of marketing, discussed the importance of maintaining momentum for an app. Since success is based on ranking, they feature a free game of the day. Pushing an app upon release can create a lot of exposure for a new game, boost performance for a game that has been out for a while, or help popularize a game that will be used for cross-promoting of another, newer game.

Because of the increasingly fragmented app market, app store analytics company Distimo recommends a strategy that takes platform diversity into consideration. Communications VP Mindy Hull explained that this trend will continue partially due to tablets, televisions and other devices that will run apps. Her examples highlighted independent developers that produced apps that were hugely successful because they were quickly created and had a timely appearance. Talking Tom Cat was created in two months for each platform that it now supports, iPhone and Android, while the Vuvuzela app was made in one day.