Ask for the best product in your budget from this new Web site, which also connects to your social networks to help you make informed purchases.

Consumer information site is a product discover site that is powered by crowd sourcing, and has raised $1 million from angel investors. It was in private beta in May and launched to the public this month. The Santa Monica-based startup was founded by Steven Fruchter and Jake Gold. aims to answer two main consumer questions: "What's the best thing to buy?" as well as "Where do I buy it from?" As Fruchter explains, was born out of the need for a Yelp-like site specifically for products, not shops. While researching for a new range hood for his mother's kitchen remodeling, he found that the Internet's plethora of information was thorough, but time-consuming to search through. After finally finding the ideal product, a person may choose to visit a price-comparison site. attempts to fill both the Which and the Where needs that are faced by most of us when there are so many choices of items that fill a particular need.

Members ask questions based on a specific need and budget, for example, "What is the best book for learning Adobe CS5 under $25?" Then, other members not only comment on that question with their suggestion, but can directly add a link on their post to the item on Others can vote these products up or down, as well as vote on the advice given in the comments. users can connect their Twitter or Facebook accounts, and set them to post to their social networks when they ask a question, thus leveraging their friends and get more responses.

Instead of culling reviews and suggestions from the myriad of sources already available on e-commerce and consumer information sites, is a semi-closed network. Members are the ones that will be posting questions, making suggestions and giving advice. This system makes for a less prepopulated site, but a more curated experience.

By Ivory King