Nevahold makes CRM easier for brands by connecting with customers. The cloud service supports multiple channels to assure customers get heard and helped.

Customer service aid NevaHold helps brands do smart CRM

Brands do well to differentiate themselves from the rest by simple and swift response to their customers’ questions or problems. While there are other customer relationship management tools available, NevaHold is built to face the consumer side. The service automates much of what becomes time-consuming and frustrating, and benefits them and companies - NevaHold receives a customer question, sends it on their behalf to the appropriate customer service channels - email, Twitter, Facebook, etc, and sends the answer back when its received. NevaHold resends the question after a certain period of time if it does not receive a response, increasing the likelihood of timely brand response and issue or conflict resolution.

Helping customers and companies with optimized communications

Currently in private beta, NevaHold plans to create a niche by making CRM more efficient for both customers and brands. Based in the cloud, the service plans to improve customer service from any company on-the-go. In its Twitter feed, NevaHold has been targeting Hewlett-Packard, but it wants to offer the opportunity for anyone to report support-related issues, and to do so anonymously if they wish. Since the startup plans to be noisy at brands when it contacts them on behalf of customers, it may improve their response rate and resolution rates.

Effective and efficient CRM can be a brand’s most powerful tool

This is a different strategy than other CRM services, not only because of its customer-oriented approach. Their company ethic strives to improve experience for the company side as well. In addition to quicker and more complete support resolution, and less negative social media feedback, they offer customer service tutorials on their blog. NevaHold believes that great customer service is more powerful than promotions and discounts, and hopes to help brands leverage smart CRM to help them stand out in a crowded digital economy.

By Ivory King