Optimal engagement on company sites may require social logins, comments and other “social infrastructure.” Social enterprise platform Gigya envisions all websites and apps embracing social to deliver value to their audience.

Embracing "social infrastructures" is critical for brands

Social network integration on brand websites can be rewarding and lead to longer customer visits and more page views. But proper social integration on sites requires more than simple customer logins linked to Facebook, Yahoo, or other services. What Gigya refers to as “social infrastructure” was built for companies to enable their websites to include multiple network login, sharing, commenting, activity feeds, gamification and user data capture. As Gigya’s senior marketing manager Victor White tells l’Atelier, “Our vision is to offer the most comprehensive set social infrastructure of technologies available and our mission is to make every website and application social.”

Answering customer expectations…

Social infrastructure gives brands the tools to create optimal social experiences on their website and provides customer insight. Their Social Login and Social Plugins products use the unique qualities of social to lower customer registration exit rates (with the former), and make it easier for users to share content (with the latter). Gigya’s gamification product integrates game mechanics like points and rewards, and also includes plugins, an API and analytics. According to White, “It's critical for outand in the future.” In their recent study, social value was easily translated to numbers.

…While getting more customer time and page views

In that study, Gigya found that each social mechanic (login, comments, shares and news feed) added at least 5 minutes to average customer visits - comments added over 10 minutes. By pageview, these same interactions added at least 4 page views, comments and shares adding 7 more views. These benefits can translate to purchases, but there is much long-term value for brands in customer data - which Gigya discovered that many of their clients were not aware was available. This social data is accessible through their new User Management 360 platform that collects and stores this information, as well as enables companies to port data into their marketing campaigns.

By Ivory King