Starting out from a platform that enables on-demand module creation, Kawet has refined its model and is now focusing on individually created applications within companies.

Following the launch of its "Cashew" platform last year, Kawet is now adapting its ‘turnkey’ applications creation solution to the major company market. The concept remains the same. It’s still a solution to help design iPhone- and Android- compatible apps, in a very simple way and in a few seconds, without the need for any special technical know-how.  So why are we talking about it? Because this time it’s the staff who are orchestrating the show and it’s their creations that will be available at the company’s own AppStore. "Our business model has matured. In 2010, we responded to a call for tender from Procter & Gamble. They were looking for a platform like ours but scaleable to a workforce of 130,000, working all over the world," Benjamin Hardy, co-founder of Kawet, told L'Atelier.

Making access to information easy and more attractive

"And they weren’t the only ones with this type of need", adds Hardy. What companies are looking for is to be able to create multiple applications in well-defined areas such as HR and general management. The platform will function like a real mobile Intranet. All the staff will be able to use it and it will allow all the various segments of a group to keep fully up to date with information. The aim is primarily to benefit from the staff’s attachment to their mobile phones to enable them to consult company-related data when they are not at their workplace. "There are lots of documents in these companies’ databases that never get read," Hardy points out.

A platform which is automated and autonomous

"We hope that the applications that are created will enable staff to access information during ‘dead time’ of the day, when travelling on public transport, for example," he explains. The aim is also to help promote events and meetings, and encourage employees to communicate in real time with other colleagues. Since the applications are created directly by the staff, the model should prove suitable for very large companies, which will thus be able to have their own range of dedicated software, organised by brand and by sector. "Everything is managed internally by the company concerned. Over 1,000 applications a day can be produced quite easily since everything is automated. Kawet just takes care of the maintenance and updating of the platform, which is otherwise completely autonomous," says Hardy.  This therefore avoids the need for outside service providers.