A successful social network page complements a brand’s Web site, but does not replace it. Content, ads and email are essential to increase and maintain community interest.

The Facebook Business Page should compliment the corporate website, not replace it


Some companies consider giving up their homepage in favor of focusing on a Facebook brand page but experts advise against this. Facebook can shut down its platform, pages or apps at any time, but brands can always keep control of their Web site. As a recent HubSpot white paper on the subject says, “Don’t build your empire on property you don’t own.” Facebook can be a major part of a company’s digital strategy, but its important to maintain their site and drive traffic to it. For basics, they must include the URL and contact info “above the fold,” or near the top of the screen on the main brand page. It’s essential to ensure that the profile image does not place contact info where a visitor would have to scroll down to see it.

Content creation and Ad campaigns are key to a Facebook brand presence

Creating content is critical to driving traffic to Web site - not just sales messages but a FAQ, special articles, or testimonials. Relevant, useful information and fresh blog posts keep the Facebook community interested - and help SEO. A successful Facebook Ad campaign plan includes what metrics to watch (links, coupon codes and custom pages), the specific goal of the campaign (newsletter sign-ups, purchased product), an ad plan (where the photo and text rotate so the ad stays fresh), targeting demographics (location, age, sex or interests) and a budget.

Communicating via email and generating interest with contests is also critical

Email is still a critical piece of converting prospects to paying customers - 92 percent of online adults use email, 66 percent do so daily. By collecting email addresses, brands can forge multiple lines of communication with their fans. “Studies show that people need to see an offer 5-9 times before making a purchasing decision,” and email provides one opportunity for an additional impression. Webinars, contests and sweepstakes can be used to gather Likes and email addresses, and are supported by apps that help brands leverage these types of outreach without violating any of Facebook’s terms of usage.

By Ivory King