Payvments is a leading Facebook commerce platform. The startup is determined to helping merchants better understand social commerce – which starts by generating conversations, and measuring engagement.

On Facebook, merchants need to create and measure social conversations

Payvment offers a Facebook shop platform for small- to enterprise-sized businesses that gives merchants a store that promotes itself on the news stream and other social networks. Payvment offers multiple features that take advantage of the unique opportunities that the social network environment provides. For shoppers, one can browse individual brands on separate storefronts within Facebook, or visit Payvment’s virtual shopping mall, which offers a centralized shopping experience that holds over one million products from various retailers. For retailers, recent new metric features aim to track e-commerce trends and give merchants the most current tools to succeed in the unique marketplace that is being built on Facebook.

Brands set up their own online store within Facebook

Brands set up their store inside of Facebook much the same way they would elsewhere - they enter products, descriptions, pictures and prices, for free. They can then create social conversations in a number of ways to engage users. Among other things, merchants can typically create Deals, Promotions and Polls – merchants can offer a “Like” discount for Page visitors, or promote specific items to fans and followers. Promotions and Deals come with Payvment’s various pricing levels. Customers can share products on Facebook, as well as on Twitter and Pinterest with integrated tools. Payvment shoppers share semantically on Facebook with “Want” and “Own” buttons to drive discovery through networks and through their interest graph.

Metric features to optimize social media strategy

Payvment provides a robust dashboard for merchants to keep track of social data – number of Likes, of Fans, Comments etc. But new metric tools give merchants more specific knowledge of how these features are affecting their business. Based on the merchant’s performance, Payvment recommends different types of social campaigns, to guide small businesses through the use of social features as a way to better sell online. For instance, the dashboard could recommence to “create a poll to engage with customers” or “connect your Facebook with your Twitter account to share with Twitter users” etc. The long-term vision is to help merchants embrace and and transitioning to social commerce, and more specifically F-commerce.