Ford is launching an interactive marketing campaign to launch their new Ford Fusion. A combination of augmented reality and gaming creates an interactive and engaging experience for consumers eager to discover the new car.

Ford is about to unveil the new 2013 Fusion car at 2012 International CES. For the occasion, they are launching have developedan innovative marketing campaign combining the automotive world and new technologies. The campaign features an interactive mobile application that lets consumers test virtually the new car through the technology of augmented reality.

Augmented reality app lets users discover the car before the launch

Users can virtually drive the all-new Ford Fusion through an augmented reality app before actually seeing it for real at the 2012 North American International Auto Show. The app, available on Android and iOS (iPhone and tablets), works as an interactive video game. After having captured a Ford logo to start the game, users can drive the new Ford Fusion using virtual images and videos of the new car in augmented reality. Augmented reality helps educate consumers through the new product in a very immersive way and, as Fusion Marketing manager Samantha Hoyt puts it: "the app allows consumers to learn about the advanced technology and design of the car in a fun and easy-to-use way while reinforcing the transformative nature of the Fusion."

Gamification engages consumers until the day of launch

The interactive game was built to change over time in order to keep users engaged until the day of the launch, by adding new content daily. The game lets users drive the new Fusion through a series of “worlds” that unlock as they get closer to the day of the launch. Users also discover new car features and images as time goes by. The last “unlocking” stage will is reached on the day of the actual launch, as Ford unveils the real Fusion. Ford adopted this strategy to develop consumers’ interest and keep the mystery about the product. Samantha Hoyt said they “want to have an exciting and interactive way to build anticipation leading up to the reveal of the all-new Fusion".

By Delphine Prediger