Email has been a useful staple of digital marketers, though it is less associated with innovation. Movable Ink aims to bring more compelling content to branded emails with live and dynamic content.

The future of branded email: dynamic and personalized content?


Email marketing is most effective depending on its timing, so brands would do well to ensure that they have optimized their email delivery service. While there are many services that enable companies to coordinate an email campaign, Movable Ink integrates live data and content into the marketing strategy. The service customizes content to the recipient’s time, location or device - whether they read the email on desktop, tablet or mobile. As for content, Movable Ink apps pulls updates from brand RSS, local and relevant maps, cropped content from a web page, or other content that can change depending on the context of where, when and how that email gets opened - even the weather.

Apps embed dynamic content into emails that can be custom built for clients

In addition to the apps that integrate live content into marketing emails, Movable Ink offers a service to build custom apps and analytics. If the already available apps do not address a particular client need, Movable Ink has a custom app building program. Clients have commissioned more specific software that are more industry specific - a credit card company wanted to give customers insight into their spending habits with a custom pie chart. An apparel company built a product that showed different user content on every open. Movable Ink also created a fundraising tracker for DonorsChoose that supporters could use to find causes they want to support and sign directly within the email.

Email may evolve from a familiar option to a flexible platform

The metrics offer clients insight into campaign performance based on much more nuanced data than opens and click through rates. Brands can read engagement and context on a monitoring dashboard that updates in real time or by email - the campaign streams directly through the message. While the Web is constantly changing, people still read email - 75 per day, according to Movable Ink. Bringing dynamic content to email could combine the ubiquity of email with the flexibility of web content.

By Ivory King