During the 3 days of The Global Summit in San Francisco, people passionate by sustainability came to exchange global ideas and solutions for the future of our planet.

The Global Summit took place three days this week in San Francisco at the Fort Mason Center. This event was created by dozens of partner organizations which voluntarily collaborated to realize the second biennial meeting of The Global Summit. Founder Melanie St. James (working at Empowerment Work)was thanked by the audience and by the speakers on many occasions, for her amazing work to organize The Global Summit.

Monday began with 3 interesting discussions, led by futurist, Barbara Marx Hubbard, followed by social innovation expert, Nick Jankel. Then, Anja Karina-Pahl closed the first morning of The Global Summit.

Sustainability writer Barbara Marx Hubbard, who most prominently wrote the first and second movie in the Humanity Ascending Series, spoke about the need to heighten synergy between all change makers. According to Hubbard, by sharing and collaborating, and by including science, ingenuity, technology and the Internet, we will be able to find solutions of current global issues. Some areas she referred to for this approach include inequality, climate change, contamination, and others.

Then, Nick Jankel showed us that a partnership is possible between the latest science and most ancient wisdom that can do much to change our world. He is the founder of the organization WeCreate.cc, whose goal is to help teams build a more innovative, creative, ethical and entrepreneurial mindset through training programs and consulting missions.

Anja Karina-Pahl, the author and inventor of the Prizm game came onstage to present the different steps of the production mechanism. Both a game and a creative method, Prizm is a highly structured workflow that foments innovation.

Around forty speakers were invited onstage to expose their solutions, their hopes and their ideas about sustainability. The theme of innovation was at the heart of all of their speeches, revealing the huge role of clean tech, green tech and every other new technology for a global future. For example, there was a demonstration of a pedal-powered flat screen DVD player, made by young students linked to Appropedia.org, a Web site of collaborative solutions in sustainability. As for me, I was touched by the enthusiasm that speakers demonstrated, all of whom were involved in projects of global consciousness. This Global Summit was a success at creating a space to connect change makers with of-the-moment solutions of sustainability.

By Laura Tisserand