While large retailers have access to many tools for online marketing and e-commerce, smaller merchants usually don’t. Goodsie lets them create a full branded virtual storefront and measure consumer engagement.

Goodsie lets non tech-savvy SMBs build their personalized e-commerce store

Goodsie makes it easy for anyone to create their own beautifully designed online store, even “without having to know design or coding”, Goodsie COO David Marcus tells l’Atelier. Although it mainly targets small and medium businesses, larger companies or individuals can use this service, whether they want to sell physical or virtual products. Goodsie is operated by New York based HiiDef, and just like its sister Flavors.me, it focuses on personalization. The goal is to let retailers build a fully branded virtual storefront, and unify their online presence. For $15 to $40, businesses can create their storefront in no time, start driving traffic and selling their goods. Merchants can accept payments through PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net and Braintree, and don’t have to pay any fee for the transactions.

Keeping the traffic on the retailer's website

Of course, there are a lot of e-commerce platforms out there. Merchants can have their Etsy store or an eBay storefront. But as David Marcus explained us, there is always a risk on such platforms that “customers end up buying items from another Etsy or eBay store. Retailers should be able to drive traffic to their online store without having to worry about traffic going to another store” However, Goodsie isn’t exactly trying to replace eBay and Etsy-like services. “Rather, we think of Goodsie as being complimentary.” While Etsy and eBay connect a large consumer basis to thousands of small stores, Goodsie is the place to “let your brand shine” and build a unified

Marketing features and data analytics for increased engagement

Thanks to the multiple personalization options, merchants can deliver a fully branded online shopping experience to customers – favicons, domain name, look – while still synchronizing the Goodsie store with other platforms like Facebook, Esty, eBay. Goodsie recently launched new features to improve marketing still at a reasonably low price. The tool now provides real-time analytics that allow retailers to create targeted e-mailing campaigns based on shoppers’ purchase history and location, with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Merchants can also create custom newletters and Groupon-like coupons for special offers.

By Alice Gillet
English editorial manager