Growth Resources,Inc. offers insight into the skills and tools needed to become and remain CEO of VC-backed companies through seminars and videos.   Web 2.0 is birthing many start-ups with many qualified management leading the way, but getting VC investments does not necessarily mean success. GrowthResources hopes to instill the right qualities in the business hierarchy to make sure these companies not only stay afloat, but that they also have the tools to grow.

  “Through the Predictive Index and our assistance at Growth Resources you will leverage your learning experience of becoming a great CEO,” the company states.   By hosting events filled with CEOs and higher management from successful companies such as MetricStream, Norwest Venture Partners, and Auction Drop, Inc., GrowthResources teaches the fundamental ingredients to making VC-backed companies independently successful.   The events teach the steps from working your way to becoming a CEO to properly maintaining the relationship between higher management and the VCs that invest in the company.   “You will develop unique skills and techniques to analyze each person, each situation, form a vision, set the right goals and reach them in a unique effective way,” says the company.   Growth Resources teaches you how to go from a VP of sales to a CEO, and once there, what qualities are necessary to be successful in that position, from personality to intelligence and experience.   Because most people are not born into a CEO position, Growth Resources stresses the importance in building the essential experience to qualify you for the position. It also gives insight into maintaining the complex relationships that come with the position.   Furthermore, through VC speakers and experienced CEOs themselves, GrowthResources shows the intricacies involved in raising money and using it the right way.   Web 2.0 will create many CEOs, and GrowthResources is making sure the right ones build their companies the right way.   By Danny Scuderi   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at