Tablets are gaining market share in mobile devices, especially Apple's iPad. Owners of these gadgets are interested especially in new multimedia advertising.

Growth of Tablets and iPad Owner Ad Interest Mean Much For Magazines

Recent research validates the publishing industry's hope that tablet computers may revitalize the magazine industry. The vast majority of iPad owners surveyed by EmSense last month expressed interest in getting custom editions of the magazines that they already subscribe to.

Only nine percent of iPad owners responded that they were not interested in these special editions of magazines. Most were enthusiastic about it - 39 percent were "very" interested and 26 percent were "extremely" interested.

This concept of digital editions is flanked with an increase in advertising response. With the iAd platform, iPad advertisements can have many types of media and interactivity within the ad. In the case of the Tron Legacy iAd, the user can watch the trailer, download still images, or even purchase the soundtrack from within the ad. Publishers have a lot to be excited for with the potential viewer interest in this format.

These owners are more interested in certain types of ads than others. As the rundown was listed in eMarketer today:

  • Play videos - 75%
  • View more product feature information - 73%
  • Photo galleries/slideshows - 71%
  • 360-degree view of products - 67%
  • Link to Web site - 64%
  • Product demo - 59%
  • Watch TV commercial - 41%
  • Animation - 40%
  • Play music - 36%
  • Play audio 34%
  • Play a game - 27%

Biometrics of "time spent and mind share for advertising" showed most time was spent with video ads at 17.8 seconds. Buttons received less time but more attention than videos or photo galleries.

While tablets still have the smallest market share of connected portable devices (four percent of such devices), nearly half of these are owned by self-identified early adopters. Nielsen's State of the Media report from October provides these numbers, and suggests that more iPad users are younger, male and own other connected devices - eBook readers, portable game consoles or media players, or netbooks.

By Ivory King