At the GoingGreen Silicon Valley Conference Tuesday through Thursday, one hundred top private companies were chosen for their contributions to the green community. From many categories, the event highlighted several companies in particular.

In the resource recovery and waste management category, RecycleBank encourages consumers to recycle by giving travel, shopping, and other types of rewards.

Energy Storage category - Glacier Bay’s product ClimaCab is an auxilary power unit that recharges cooling and heating systems for freight truck sleeper cabs overnight with batteries instead of diesel fuel.

Data Center Efficiency - MokaFive offers non-energy benefits to customers by moving processing and storage to optimal centralized location.

Solar Energy - SolarCity. For little upfront cost, this company combines system design, financing, installation and monitoring for homes, businesses and government organizations.

Green Materials and Green Building - Serious Materials. Green building materials, energy management and commissioning services maximize and maintain energy savings in commercial buildings

Green Automobiles and Transportation - Better Place builds infrastructure for charging electric vehicles worldwide.

Energy Management, Smart Grid and Energy Efficiency - Silver Spring Networks provides hardware, software and services that connect devices to the smart grid, creating what they refer to as a Smart Energy Platform.

Biotech, Biofuel and Agriculture - Amyris. This Emeryville, CA-based renewable products company applies their industrial synthetic biology platform to creating alternatives to petroleum-based fuels and chemicals.

Water Technology and Treatment - BioPetroClean uses bacteria to recover industrial wastewater.

Clean Energy - Accelergy turns coal into clean liquid jet fuel

Overall winner - OPOWER from Arlington, VA. In the Energy Management, Smart Grid, and Energy Efficiency category. The smart-grid software company uses human behavior data, and releases detailed reports that consumers can use to change usage habits and lower bills.

By Ivory King