A growing section of the population, Hispanics raise the bar for technology adoption and purchasing power in the US. Marketers must have a strategy for catering to this market that is bilingual, culturally proud and hungry for content.

Hispanics becoming an “imperative” for marketers

Hispanics make up an important part of consumer expenditure, technology adoption and media consumption. As a group they are young, well educated and powerful purchasers, and their current growth in marketing importance is here to stay. Despite a drop immigration in the immigration rate, Latinos are culturally sustainable and will drive the US population from minority to plurality very soon. Their purchase, technology, and media practices do not mirror the US as a whole, but rather exhibit distinctive patterns according to language and culture dynamics. As was found in the Quarter 2 Nielsen State of the Hispanic Consumer report, brands can benefit from optimizing their strategies based on these differences that will carry the Hispanic population as a growth driver into the foreseeable future.

Hispanics are social and mobile

The report establishes that despite a having less than average home Internet access, Hispanics access media on every available platform and are early adopters. 9 of 10 have access to Internet, but compared to “the average US adult online”, socially connected Hispanics are 25% more likely to follow a brand, 18% more likely to follow a celebrity, 21% more likely to post content on social networks (links, videos…)17% more likely to animate a personal blog, and 7% more likely to have a profile on social networks. Since the Latino market consumes more content through mobile devices than the general US market, mobile ad strategies are increasingly important to capture this group.

Powerful marketing for Hispanics must include Spanish content

Language is always a problem brands need to think about when addressing bilingual populations. Creating content in Spanish results in higher engagement and customer retention. Bilingual Hispanics want Spanish language content and over half of Hispanic homes speak either only or mostly Spanish. Creating advertising in Spanish results in higher ad recall by as much as 30 percent, as well as more positive responses - this group liked ads 51 percent more if they were in Spanish than English. Cultural pride and the drive to protect identity signify continued importance of language and culturally-relevant content. The Nielsen study predicts that “[tapping] Hispanic preferences and purchasing behaviors is essential for any strategy or marketing plan to be successful.”

By Ivory King