HitBliss wants to reconcile entertainment lovers with online advertising, by giving them cash in exchange for watching targeted commercials. Users can watch ads on their own terms, and spend their earnings on the HitBliss Store, to rent movies or TV shows.

HitBliss turns ads into cash to spend on content

While Internet users strongly dislike commercials, most of them would rather watch ads to access free content, rather than paying for ad-free content. Of course, entertainment lovers are annoyed by the fact that advertising interrupts their experience and is often irrelevant. Overall, viewers have a negative experience, and marketers are left with poor outcome. HitBliss, which just launched in beta, wants to reconcile users and advertisers, by turning the ad watching experience into a truly valuable one. HitBliss literally turns ads into cash users can spend to rent a movie or a TV show.

Watch ads, access content

HitBliss has two downloadable apps. The first one, HitBliss Store, looks like any video streaming service: users can rent or stream TV shows and movies on multiple devices, and pay with a regular credit card. The second app is HitBliss Earn, a “Pandora for ads” where HitBliss users are invited to engage with targeted ads of all kinds – from videos to polls or games. When they watch an ad, they earn cash to spend in the HitBliss Store, using the “HitBliss Earned Pay” payment option, as an alternative to the credit card. Users enter personal information like gender, age, etc. when they download HitBliss Earn, and can then choose to watch a specific playlist – Electronics, Auto…

Advertisers can better target viewers

Earning rates vary, and favor the most targeted ads. For instance, by adding extra personalization options (allowing the app to use web search or web history, indicating preferences) users can earn more cash. To ensure users actually watches and don’t just walk away, ads stop playing if a user mutes his laptop or switches to another window. If a user candidly watches ads and never mutes her laptop, she receives extra “trust points” and earns cash more easily. A TV show episode approximately “costs” 2 minutes of ad viewing, and a movie is about 10 minutes.

By Alice Gillet
English editorial manager