Hukkster enables users to get the best online shopping deals by keeping track of items they are interested in buying and sending a notification when they become available at reduced prices or on special offer.

Hukkster bets on tagging to track clothes online when they go on sale

Statistics show that online shopping expenditure continues to rise.A recent Forrester studypredicts that the total value of online retail in the United States will reach $262 billion in 2013, rising to $370 billion by 2017. E-commerce is also on the rise in Europe, and is forecast to be worth $165 billion in 2013 and $247 billion by 2017. Among the priorities of connected shoppers is the search for the lowest prices. In the high street, this is reflected in the practice of showrooming, where the would-be customer goes and compares products in the store using his/her smartphone, often with the intention of making the purchase online later. The rise of mobileapplications, coupons and social networks, allows the buyer nowadays to compare prices and obtain the very best deals.NowNew York City-based Hukkster is offering consumers a way to track down and mark online the products they would like to buy. Hukkster will then notify them when their chosen items go into reduced price sales so that they can get the best deals.

‘Hukk it’ button helps personalize online shopping and get the best deals

Hukkster is a button that lives in your browser’s favorites bar. It gives the online consumer a wide choice, enabling him/her to explore favorite shopping sites and ‘hukk’, i.e. tag, the articles s/he is most interested in. Hukkster then saves ‘hukked’ articles in the user’s personal shopping list and notifies the potential buyer when the articles go on sale at a reduced price or start to carry a coupon. The Hukkster concept is thus similar to the Pinterest model, both in terms of design and the way it works, but takes the idea right through to the sales stage. Having launched a web version in April 2012, Hukkster then launched a mobile equivalent which has met with equal success. The site now numbers more than 80,000 users and works with 2,000 stores online, among them such high-profile names as Target, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom. Hukkster receives a referral fee for products purchased via one of its sale notifications.

Comparison tool that challenges e-commerce sitesto do better

Hukkster enables consumers to round up items they’re interested in from different online stores and keep them in one place, thus enabling them to compare articles and giving them time to reflect more calmly on what they might actually decide to buy. This functionality throws down a major challenge to e-commerce sites, intensifying competition between them. Of course Hukkster can also be of benefit to online stores. Sending a notification to the consumer as soon as an item goes into a reduced price sale obviously creates a powerful advertising effect. Moreover, it means that brands and their customers interact more and on a more solid basis, as customers only receive alerts about products that interest them. This special relationship is therefore likely to encourage customer loyalty.