With the Ifeelgoods platform, brands can connect with their customers on Facebook and reward them with Facebook Credits. Retailers can build incentive programs and strategies using virtual currency.

Customers have gotten certain benefits for brand loyalty - free products, discounts or other perks. Ifeelgoods is taking this to the virtual marketplace by linking brands promotional strategies with Facebook Credits and virtual goods. The Ifeelgoods platform allows retailers to reward their customers with credits that can be used on hundreds of Facebook games to purchase in-game items, possibly even branded items that cannot be obtained elsewhere in the game.

Film company uses platform to promote new movie and boost box office earnings

To promote the “Tower Heist” film this month, Universal Pictures gave out Facebook Credits in a social game called “Heist it Back.” The game had some similar plot themes to the movie, and players won some number of credits by clicking buttons on character pages and other places. As Advertising Age describes it, not only does the game put the film onto the screens of Facebook users, it also may market the concept of FB credits to users of the social networking site who have not become familiar with it yet. This system was constructed using the Ifeelgoods platform, which places credits directly in user accounts.

Facebook offers a network with high exposure and low investment

More than 290 million people play games like Farmville and Mafia Wars on Facebook, according to Scott Silverman’s article at Forbes. As Ifeelgoods’ co-founder and VP of marketing explains, these games are free to play so are low-entry, and the social aspect shows up on players’ friends walls and so they can be somewhat viral. By gamifying “the shopping experience,” or adding gaming elements to shopping behaviors, customers may experience higher engagement with a brand while sharing with their friends at low brand expense. Within this system, seventy percent of customers share on Facebook that they received credits as an incentive.

By Ivory King