Integer creates screens designed to be installed in shop windows, enabling customers not only to see what is in stock but also view items tried on by virtual models with interactive capability. You can then make your purchase using a mobile device and QR code.

Interactive Shop Windows Act as Both Fitting Room and E-Commerce Site

It is a fact that if bricks-and-mortar stores wish to remain competitive, they will need to adoptmulti-channel selling methods. One solution, called ‘Wi\Sh’, has been developed by Colorado,USA-based marketing agency Integer, in partnership with VIVID Digital Retail. Wi\Sh transforms the shop windows of high-street stores into interactive screens, just as if they were giant tablets. And it is also a fact that although e-commerce makes shopping easier for a large number of consumers, quite a few still remain wedded to the real-life experience. The innovative Wi\Sh, introduced last week at the exclusive Art of Digital event in Knightsbridge, London*, therefore aims to combine – through a virtual fitting room plus online purchasing via the shop window – all that is most enjoyable in bricks-and-mortar store service with online efficiency.

Blurring the line between ‘bricks’ and ‘clicks’

The interactive window is very simple to use. Just press on the hotspots in the window and you can select items from the shop’s range of apparel, which you can then see tried on by a virtual mannequin that appears on the shop window screen. You also have some degree of interactionwith both the item and the mannequin, digitally changing the clothes size, adding or removingthe accessories it is wearing, and making it move around. Passers-by can also watch what isgoing on, so the ‘fashion show’ has the potential to attract a sizeable crowd. Then, just like a standard e-commerce site, the customer can select the products s/he has tried out and put them in a shopping basket.

Round-the-clock availability

You can also shop this way using your smartphone. To buy the items shown on the shopwindow screen, the customer has to go to the company URL or scan the QR code displayed on the window, and then enter a unique PIN code. The store’s shopping basket immediately appears on the smartphone screen containing the chosen items. Thus the site enables retailers to offer their customers a new shopping experience, and also greater flexibility, as with Wi\Sh technology the store stays open 24/7. Tearing down the barriers between on- and offlineshopping like this could well prove to be a new way of attracting customers. These new-lookshopping streets are designed to reflect consumer demand, as customers become increasingly used to e-commerce and expect to be able to make their purchases anytime, anywhere.


* The system had already been tested for a six-week period in the Adidas Neo store inNuremberg, Germany.

By Pauline Trassard