Monday was the official kick off of the 2008 Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas, at the Las Vegas Convention Center/Hilton Hotel and the Sands/ The Venetian. Atelier is in the city of sins to cover this 4-days internationa

l tradeshow for you.

Discover the Consumer Electronic Show
C.E.S. stands for Consumer Electronic Show. The CES is the opportunity for manufacturers, retailers, content providers and creators, broadband developers, wireless carriers, cable and satellite TV providers, installers, engineers, corporate buyers, government leaders, financial analysts and the media - from 140 countries - to attend the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, and the North America’s largest annual tradeshow of any kind. It’s sponsored, produced and managed by the Consumer Electronic Association (CEA), which is the trade association working to grow the consumer electronic industry.

Let’s first take a glance at some key numbers about the show with the Fun Facts:

The International CES is the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow.
Exhibit space for CES covers more than 1.7 million net square feet of space – equivalent to 35 football fields.
It would take 2.5 years to meet individually with each of CES’ 2,700 exhibitors outside of the show.
CES is the global meeting place for top international government officials and technology executives from 140 countries, representing nearly 75% of all United Nations member states.
There are 25,000 international attendees – 10 times the number of athletes who competed in the 2006 Winter Olympic Games
The number of slot machines in Las Vegas’ Clark County is equal to the number of CES attendees - more than 140,000.
12,000 content and entertainment executives come to the show, which is more than two years worth of feature film releases in theaters worldwide gets an average of 100,000 visitors per day during the week of CES – three times the population of Monaco.
32,320 hamburgers were consumed at the 2007 International CES, enough to feed one person a burger a day for more than 88 year.
The average U.S. household has 25 consumer electronic products in it and U.S. consumer electronics sales should exceed $160 billion in 2007.

Discover underneath keynote addresses that Atelier follows in this 2008 edition

President and CEO of Consumer Electronic Association (credits: Atelier)
Keynotes are held in a gigantic ballroom at The Venetian.
Sunday, January 6 - For the pre-show keynote, the CES welcomed the Chairman of Microsoft Corp. Bill Gates, like for the past eleven years. Yesterday's speakers were the President of Panasonic Mr. Toshihiro Sakamoto, and CEO of Intel Corp. Mr. Paul Otellini. And today's industry leaders sharing their insight and vision first-hand will be the Chairman and CEO of Comcast Corp Mr. Brian Roberts, and Chairman and CEO of General Motors Corp. Mr. Rick Wagoner.
A bit of history
The first CSE took place in New York City back in the summer 1967 where 250 exhibitors and 17,500 attendees gathered. Since then, the International CES has grown by more than 8 times. For last year International CES, more than 2,700 exhibitors, filling more than 1.8 million net square feet of exhibit space, showcased their latest products and services to more than 140,000 attendees.

Mathieu Ramage - Media and Editorial Manager of Atelier - from Las Vegas, NV.
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