With more television content being shown online, advertisers and TV networks are figuring out which works better—internet or television advertising.   Marketers are proportioning as much as 20% of their advertising budgets to onli

ne marketing, and they, as well as their clients, are interested in how online ads compare to TV advertising and affect brand image.   While TV ads are long, disruptive and easily avoidable, most of the online advertising is concise and must be watched, whether it is a banner ad on a website or a mini-commercial before an online program begins.   Also, using targeted ads online means that different viewers see different advertisements on the same page.   Marketing research companies like IAG Research and ARSgroup have developed different methods to gauge how effective ads are in TV and the Internet.   IAG uses incentive-based internet polls to see what TV ads viewers remembered, and they place “cookies” on hard drives so they know when panelists are exposed to an online ad. ARSgroup tests how engaging ads are in TV, internet and movie theaters.   The use of these tools is still in its infancy, but recent research suggests online advertising is more effective.   NBC conducted an online survey of its NBC Rewind viewers and says its internet ads elicit higher brand recall than those on TV. They found that the ads are more entertaining, engaging and, most importantly for the viewer, less disruptive.   Peter Naylor, senior VP of digital media sales at NBC Universal said, “These research results show that when the right message is tailored to the right medium, this engaged audience really responds and our advertisers win.”   These results combined with the Internet’s growing presence in everyday life may lead to online advertising becoming more important than TV ads.   By Danny Scuderi   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at editorial@atelier-us.com