Huret, Patrick de Schutter, Luc Claes and Brice Le Blévennec—ContactOffice allows the quick and economical deployment of a complete virtual office solution, either on its publisher’s or client’s servers. It can be completely integrated into an existing website, both from a graphical and functional point of view. Its organizational, communication, and collaboration tools are equipped with numerous functionalities capable of meeting the requirements of any type of user. Through its multiple access channels, any type of usage on the same infrastructure is possible: fixed, mobile or occasionally


Companies have not been waiting around for the rise of the virtual office to organize, communicate and collaborate. Most of them host and manage their own system. In other words, each company must support all costs such as licenses, servers, server management, back-up, technical support, etc.

Cost reduction
ContactOffice is based in the Application Service Provider (ASP) model: all management costs are shared between the clients (servers, licenses, server management, bandwidth, security, technical support, etc.) which results in cost reduction. Therefore, the ASP model allows numerous small to medium-sized companies to access technology they couldn’t normally afford on their own. Charges are calculated per active user per month for optimal scalability and cost prediction.

Universal access
Each user has his personal account. Access to the account and personal data is protected by a login and password.

The virtual office can be accessed from any computer with a web browser. No installation is necessary and no plug-ins must be downloaded. Also, the internet is not the only way of accessing data. Depending on the circumstances, the user can use a traditional workstation or mobile device (PDA, cellular smart phone) or a fixed or mobile workstation. Access can be made via the internet, WAP, POP3 or IMAP4 (only for electronic mail) or even via two-directional synchronization for offline access.

Data security
ContactOffice is an automatic back-up and disaster-recovery solution: with data centralization being carried out by a professional data center, a user's data is much safer there than on his computer where it can be stolen, lost, or targeted by hackers. Data storage outside the workstation allows damage control in case of theft, fire or other incidents at the user's facility. Work can be resumed very quickly by using another work station.
When the user chooses a secure connection before entering his login and password, data are encrypted with SSL while they are downloaded from or uploaded to ContactOffice.

Watch the demo by clicking here, and then discover the great features of ContactOffice here.

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By Mathieu Ramage