“Where there used to be ABC, there are now a million publishers.” That’s how Joe Marchese, the founder of Archetype Media, an upcoming platform that will deliver brand advertising to social media, describes the challenge facing a

dvertisers and their agencies.     Isabelle Boucq for atelier   Joe Marchese, who shares his views as a weekly guest blogger on Online Spin, is aware that this new deal is hard for brand advertisers to grasp. “The communication between the advertising buyer and seller has changed. What is it they are buying? There is a lack of currency for the exchange. In TV, getting the buy is the success. Online it is harder to measure that success.” While major advertisers have so far failed to use the exploding potential of social media according to Marchese, he feels that they are “the natural solution to each other’s problems”, i.e. reaching consumers for advertisers and monetizing their content for social media sites. “Yes, advertisers are being shy. But they have to follow consumers where their attention goes. There is no such thing as a zero risk spot. But the type of influencers you can reach online makes the reward high enough,” dispels Marchese. “In social media, you have to use pull advertising and you have to be creative,” advises Marchese. Advertising agencies are a key component in the process. “If branding is going to work online, it has to be driven by agencies because they have the ability to deliver the quality that has to be present.” He strongly believes that online advertising has to be engaging in order for consumers to embrace it instead of rejecting it as intrusive. In a recent post, he encouraged advertising creative types to think like the fashion industry, comparing “the way people personalize their social media profiles to the way people get dressed to go out” and adding “if you want your advertisement to get pulled onto someone’s social media profile, perhaps you should start with a question: Would I ask someone to wear this creative on their shirt when they are (depending on the social media) in public/at work/with family?” Continuing with the fashion analogy, Marchese warned advertisers that “One size does not fit all….. Add to the choices the ability to personalize, and you have yourself a social media creative strategy.”  Archetype Media has been holding meetings with agencies and advertisers for some time to present its future platform which Marchese expects to unroll in the next couple months. “The idea is to create a new system of distribution into social media with new metrics that will allow advertisers to plan future online and offline campaigns,” says Marchese. In the company’s marketing spiel, here is how the promise comes out. “Because Archetype’s delivery is based on scalable targeting technologies, we provide unprecedented social media reach, scalable social media buying and ground-breaking measurement of brand campaign effectiveness. Archetype represents a single point of contact for agencies and advertisers, while tailoring unique integration and monetization solutions for each social media partner.” One challenge facing online brand advertising is metrics. But Marchese thinks that it could be turned into an advantage by new media. “The ability of new media to create a dialogue with massive audiences should already enable us to measure branding metrics to a degree of efficiency never before possible. In fact, the ability of new media (and social media in particular) to deliver real-time market feedback on brand perception and brand creative effectiveness can not only help to create more efficient markets for brand advertising online, but it could very well prove to be the tool advertisers are looking for to improve efficiency in their advertising efforts through traditional media. Imagine the ability to support creative and buys for television based on your social media,” he writes on his blog. Isabelle Boucq for Atelier   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at editorial@atelier-us.com