In order to help brands gain visibility on the social networks, Kapture has come up with a mobile application that rewards mobile device owners who share with their friends, on Facebook, Twitter or other network, personal photos showing a branded product.

The massive adoption of mobile communications devices, coupled with a surging trend for sharing photos and video directly via social networks, add up to opportunities which brands ought to be seizing with both hands. However, according to the findings of a recent poll from The Economist Intelligence Unit, companies seem to be finding it difficult to take advantage of the potential offered by mobile and social media.Among the solutions mentioned is an American startup, Kapture, which offers to help brands raise their profile through social media and mobile, using a smartphone application. The idea is to reward people who snap a photo showing a product and share it with their friends in real time on one of the online social networks. Crucially, the app will add the brand logo – thus turning the snapper into a brand ambassador.

Snap, share, reap reward

Brands can make use of the Kapture app to hook up more closely with their loyal customers. A company can set up an event or a photo challenge for mobile users. This might entail taking a photo of one of the brand’s products or services – anything from fashion items to a hamburger – within a set period of time, using the mobile app. The user then shares the photos, now carrying the brand name and logo, on his/her Facebook wall, Twitter feed or other network with his/her own community. As a reward, the user instantly receives a price reduction or a voucher for a small gift, such as a free drink, which s/he can then use or pass on to a friend.

Snappers trawling for rewards…

The user can also pro-actively access a list of retailers who are offering photo challenges with rewards thrown in. Using geolocation, this process can take on all the excitement of a treasure hunt, with a map pinpointing any challenges in the neighbourhood. During the pilot period, more than three hundred brands registered on the NewKapture site, among them companies in the hotel, restaurant and fashion businesses.