At PSFK conference, Klout CEO explains how brands can use customers' social influence to better target, seduce and reward them.


"Let’s imagine a customer booked a room in your hotel",Klout Founder and CEO said during the PSFK conference. "When he checks in, the room isn't available anymore. If you look at the customer’s Klout score, you can know how influential this customer is online among the communities you are targeting. Based on this, you can for instance decide to upgrade him if you think a negative feedback from him online could harm your brand."

Evaluating social influence: it’s all about engagement

Klout collects a number of data on social networks from which it draws a Klout score, corresponding to the engagement a user triggers. It tracks how much content a user creates - FB statuses, tweets, Tumblr posts... - and what kind of reactions this content triggers - retweets, FB “Likes”, comments, etc. This data is then aggregated and transformed into a Klout score that reflects your online influence, based on how much engagement you trigger. The more reactions on an original content, the higher the Klout score. Klout also offers a number of insights about its users: who they influence online, on what specific topics they are influential and what their "influencer profile" is - specialist, conversationalist, socializer, observer, curator, celebrity... 

Brands can use Klout scores as a marketing tool

At the PSFK conference, Fernandez highlighted how great of a marketing tool Klout can be for brands and businesses. Not only can a brand evaluate its own online influence, but it can also identify which users are influencers in the online communities they target, as well as which users are their best advocates. As a matter of fact, Klout’s website already offers a «Perks» section in which registered users are offered coupons and free trials for products, shows or many other things, depending on their Klout score. Brands can directly identify influential users who might be likely to talk about their products, and reward them. Many web users might consider it intrusive, but Klout guarantees that none of the registered users have to react, mention or write any article about products they are being offered, be it negative or positive. Klout is becoming the reference for measuring social influence online, and is likely to revolutionize the way people and brands interact.

By Jérôme Rastoldo