Law firms and individual attorneys could be more visible in the social media sphere. QR codes, mobile-optimized Web sites and social network presence are starting points.


QR codes are often seen on advertisements and startup entrepreneurs’ business cards, and people use them - 14 million US adults used QR codes in June 2011. However, they do not have much association with more traditional business categories, such as lawyers and how they market themselves. While law firms are subject to significant compliance scrutiny, it is essential that they employ a new media strategy to remain relevant in today’s market. The legal industry is poised to implement this tool - a recent Vizibility survey found that 85 percent of legal marketers are aware of QR codes and 35 percent of legal marketers use QR codes. 80 percent will use them in the next 12 months.

Using QR codes means law firm sites must be mobile-compatible

The employment of QR codes will necessitate a robust mobile strategy, and marketers agree - 94 percent of legal marketers say it is important or critical that QR codes point to a mobile-optimized experience. Yet there is much work to do - only 12 percent of the top 100 law firms have a mobile-optimized Web site. Besides the QR codes which will funnel smartphones’ browsers to the firm’s site, half of all local searches originated on smartphones, according to Moblix Marketing stastics. These local inquiries are also important for new customer acquisition, and a mobile-friendly Web site will keep them engaged.

Promoting individual attorneys with QR codes and LinkedIn

Besides promoting a law firm in entirety, QR codes can help individual attorneys to gather business. 86 percent of the marketers that will use QR codes plan to use them with individual attorneys, and 47 percent of legal marketers plan to use QR codes on attorneys’ business cards. This can work well with a legal professional’s social media in entirety, which is becoming more important to the industry as well. There is much discrepancy between awareness and implementation, over sixty percent of individual attorneys say they have LinkedIn profiles, yet numbers on the social network site only reach about one third of the population of US attorneys.

By Ivory King