LevelUp is a QR code-based mobile payments system that aims to replace plastic credit cards and loyalty cards. It provides retail analytics, and lets storeowners roll out customer loyalty programs.

LevelUp gives consumers their personalized QR code for mobile payments

LevelUp is a service that connects payments with smartphones in a manner that is flexible for both merchant and consumer. Opted-in businesses receive payment by scanning a QR code on the customer’s phone screen, which is linked to the credit or payment card of the customer’s choice. The service is free of any customer fees, however businesses are charged a flat 2% fee on transactions. The merchant services also do not need special equipment, and can access analytics and configure loyalty programs for their customers. To receive payments through LevelUp, one need only have the LevelUp Merchant app on their smartphone, or the countertop dock, scan the code and enter a purchase amount.

Attract high value customers with loyalty rewards

The customer sign up process is very streamlined, without bank authorizations or social sign-ins, just a simple profile and credit card form. Aside from making mobile payments extremely convenient, LevelUp offers “customer attraction tools” to its merchants. Through the customer app, users can see what nearby shops support the payment service, and also get free credit to spend to new stores that support LevelUp. When customers frequently return to a store, they can save money or get other kinds of rewards. Not only does LevelUp seek to replace the plastic credit card, it also wants to do away with loyalty cards - ones that are punched repeatedly per visit and the visitor gets a free coffee or the like.

Using preexisting payment channels 

With the loyalty card feature and the free daily credit to a local shop, LevelUp hopes to create a robust mobile commerce system where local businesses receive a stream of high-value customers - ones that are interested in returning, rather than simply cashing in on a credit and moving on to the next deal. Vendors will be able to see how the service helps them with the analytic tools that LevelUp provides. Building an app on top of the credit card which simultaneously works without its presence is a more efficient strategy with mobile payments - instead of building a new payment system, LevelUp and others can use a system that is already established and secured.

By Ivory King