Web 2.0 enables consumers to voice their displeasure vis-à-vis companies, but it is still often difficult for the average customer to be heard and get companies to change their practices. PublikDemand makes your complaint public and forces companies to react.

"Making customer complaints go viral forces companies to listen to their clients"



 Interview with Courtney Powell, Founder and CEO of PublikDemand.

To what extent are companies using social media to dialogue with their customers?

Unfortunately, major corporations don’t listen to their customers enough. The problem with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is that not everyone can make themselves heard. Although celebrities and influencers of all kinds manage to get a hearing, this is not the case for the average customer, who doesn’t have enough influence online to get the attention of a major corporation. At PublikDemand our vision is to give power back to the customer and encourage companies to listen and to treat their customers with due respect.

How can you get companies to listen to their customers more?

We provide people with the means of sharing their complaints with other customers, enabling them to obtain support from their friends and family via social media. This amplifies their voice and helpsthem get help faster. PublikDemand is very easy to use. When a customer wants to submit a complaint to a major corporation, he or she can go to our website publikdemand.com, select from our database the company he or she has an issue with, and explain the problem. At that point, we create a page dedicated to the customer’s complaint and this page can be shared with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter or forwarded by email. The more the complaint goes viral, the more the companyis forced to sit up and take notice. We also have a hotline so that customers can submit complaints on the phone or via text message.

What impact are social media complaints likely to have on major companies?

PublikDemand enables customers to have a huge impact on companies and can force them to change their practices and treat their customers with the respect they deserve. Major corporations are scared of public complaints going viral as that might cost them dear – both in terms of brand perception and actual sales. The only solution, when a company finds itself having to deal with this kind of viral complaint, is to react fast. At present, the top five companies in terms of complaints made against them are AT&T, Apple, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Verizon. The number of complaints is rising every day, with telecoms companies, major retailers, airlines and transportation companies showing up on PublikDemand as the least popular firms overall.


By Alice Gillet
English editorial manager