Microfinance USA, May 20-21 in San Francisco, is the conference where microfinance investors, practitioners, policymakers and enthusiasts meet to engage, explore, and expand the domestic microfinance field. Microfinance USA is

hosted by the Opportunity Fund, in partnership with Kiva, SVMN, and the US ACCION Network.

Featured Speakers are Maria Shriver, First Lady of California and Premal Shah, President of Kiva.

Microfinance USA will bring together investors, policymakers, social entrepreneurs, practitioners, small business owners, and curious individuals to explore how microfinance produces jobs, increases incomes, and creates opportunities to build stable and sustainable communities.

This year's theme, "Find Your Place," will connect practitioners, investors, and individuals across the country who wish to strengthen or spark microfinance activity in their neighborhoods.

At the same time, Microfinance USA will inspire and attract new talent and resources looking for a role or an entry into the field at home or abroad. Participants will deepen their understanding of microfinance and broaden their networks through interactive panels and workshops, tours of microfinance borrowers, and networking opportunities.

The conference will allow attendees to join the leading practitioners and thought-leaders of microfinance in the U.S. in enriching discussions, draw upon the experiences from international microfinance and how it relates to their community, engage with leading innovators of technology and practice in the field of microfinance, and find their place in the field of international or domestic microfinance and connect with like-minded individuals across the country.

The conference takes will be held at the Westin San Francisco Market Street Hotel and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. General registration is $275, student registration is $50. The conference’s Twitter tag is @MFusa2010.

For more information or to register, go to www.microfinanceusa2010.org.

By Mark Alvarez